Environmental Srvs Tech (nights)

Environmental Services Associates are responsible for maintaining a clean, orderly, safe and sanitary environment within Ennis Regional Medical Center facilities. Duties for this position include general upkeep, trash removal, cleaning and disinfecting, removal and storage of Bio-Hazardous waste, delivery and collection of all clean and soiled linen. OSHA Blood-borne pathogens Class I.: Education: High School graduate or equivalent preferred.
A. Personal Job Related Skills: Ability to read, write and effetely communicate in English Language and follow direction
B. Licensure, Registry or Certification: None required.
Skills: Position requires extended periods of standing and walking. Lifting up to 40 pounds and transporting up to 300 pounds on carts pushing and pulling of carts bending, stooping and reaching in, storing supplies, cleaning activities, empty new clean linen from carts and put into storage room. Deliver clean linen to all clinical departments and pick up soiled linen and return to soiled linen storage. This also includes scrubs from surgery and OB doctors lounge. This needs to be performed as many times per shift as needed.
Language Skills: English

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